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GeForce GT 640M Kepler GPU for Notebooks Benchmarked

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GeForce GT 640M Kepler GPU for Notebooks Benchmarked

While GeForce GTX 680 is taking the spotlight in the desktop high-end segment, Nvidia’s own Kepler offering for the mobile segment, the GT 640M mobile Kepler GPU is also starting to make its appearance as the first benchmarks of the card have already started rolling in.

Pitted, against its older sibling, the GT 555M and AMD’s HD 6990M and HD 6720G2 as well as Intel’s HD 3000 graphics, the GT 640M is looking to be a good midrange mobile GPU for notebooks.

Used benchmark suites are 3DMark 06 and 3DMark 11 where the GT 640M trailed behind the GT 555M on the former but managed to get ahead on the latter test.

Game benchmarks included Dawn of War, Just Cause 2, Battlefield 3, Elder Scrolls Skyrim, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Batman: Arkham City. In all these games, the GT 640M managed to score good frame rates on a 1366 x768 gaming resolution while for the last four titles which currently belong to the most played games at present, the GPU still scored average frame rates above 35fps even with the games set at high details.

The GeForce GT 640M should prove to be a good replacement for the GT 555M for the time being as there’s a good chance that Nvidia still has one or two models coming to the mobile segment that could be both faster.

Source: PC Perspective

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